We are established by victims for victims of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and PTSD to find their own purpose & strength though the love of Jesus Christ and the peace and love of His gifts. 

We support victims of these traumas with the help of animals. Animals can be God's greatest healers. Through donations and grants we can help others heal by providing therapy dogs to those who need them for comfort and support - free of charge.  We can provide healing equine encounters and therapy dogs, riding lessons, worship and prayer.  We will have a facility specially designed for prayer groups, worships, healing, etc.

Denise McClure
Owner, CFO, Training and Development, Equine Specialist
Brian McClure
Owner, CEO, Facilities Manager
Taylor McClure
Training, Equine Specialist
Katie Van Stone

Marketing Coordinator and Advertising
Amy McNeely
Equine Specialist
Wendy Burrup
Stacy Pray
Counselor, EMDR
Shayla Andrus
Massage Therapy

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